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Below you wil find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us at the shop and we will be happy to answer it the best we can.

Do you offer warranties on labor?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our air suspension install when parts are bought from us.

How long will my project take?

Some projects take hours, and some take years to complete. We handle both.

How far will you travel to pick up my car?

As far as we need to. Depending on the distance will depend the fee to do so.

Can I order my own parts?

Of course you can, but we do not warranty the parts, and we do charge if we are held up on a miss purchased part.

Can I see pictures of other projects from HRS?

Absolutely! We try our best to add before, during, and after pictures to our portfolio but sometimes we fall behind because we’re busy doing the work. Check out our Projects Page or contact us directly if you would like to discuss something you don’t see.

Let's Get Started

Everyone’s definition of a “hot rod” is different. At The Hot Rod Shop, we perform upgrades based off of each individual customer’s needs.

Whether that’s a minor modification or an all-out custom vehicle, we recognize that a “hot rod” is different for everyone and implement that philosophy into our business.

From daily driver to Sunday show car, we hope to work with you on any of the projects you bring us!